Jergens Instant Sun- How Does it Match Up?

**Press Sample**

As you know, I have had a lot of different self-tanning products on my blog. I have such sensitive skin that I just enjoy a good self-tan as opposed to the real sun. Trust me, it's very hard to get a great self-tanner. They are either too fake looking, take too long to dry or they are too expensive. When I was given an opportunity to try out Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun,  that I use a lot of, I was excited! Jergens is a great brand name that is available at most drugstores. I happen to love drugstore brands just because I can pick them up when I am picking up other "necessitates".
This is available in 2 shades; Light Bronze and Deep Bronze. The big claim with this product is that it dries in less then 60 seconds and mimics the natural sun. I have used this about 4 times to really get a sense of how it applies and then how it wears. You should always exfoliate before applying a self tanner so you know you have a nice even surface to work with. It will also help your self tanner stay longer.
The scent is on par with other self tanners. If you have ever used a self tanner, you know what that scent is. It doesn't smell bad, though. It does feel a little tacky after you apply it and it definitely takes more than a minute to dry completely. It wears for about 2 days before I had to exfoliate again and reapply. It does fade very nicely so it doesn't leave you with those weird lines. For $11, I think this is a pretty good buy. Personally, I would rather spend a little more for something that dries quicker, lasts longer and doesn't feel sticky, but if you are only using it once in a while, the Jergens Natural Glow is a good buy.


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