Da Vinci Cosmetics Has All Kinds of Shimmer and I'm In Love!!

**Press Samples**

Today, I have Da Vinci Cosmetics on the blog and it is so awesome! I got a little sample of Da Vinci Cosmetics in an Ipsy bag and I fell in love. The first item I have to share is the Nine Stack. There are 12 different Nine Stacks that you get 9 different eyeshadows for only $25. 
They are all beautiful The awesome thing about these eyshadow pods are that they can be used so many different ways. Da Vinci Cosmetics says they are 11-in-1. They can be used as a metallic eyeshadow, matte eyeshadow, shimmery eyeshadow, eye-liner, mascara, lip gloss, nail polish, blush, bronzer, body art glitter and temporary hair color.
I got to use this as a hair highlighter, shimmer shadow, eyeliner, matte shadow, and a lip color. These don't have names so I am just going to describe how beautiful they are to you while you enjoy some pictures!
First up, I used the black matte, as a liner, and then a bronze and red shimmer shadow to create a fun fall look.  I packed on the colors with a dense brush and then blended it out on the crease. I love reds and oranges for the fall. They are so fun to play with.
This next look is more of a futuristic look. I used a green and blue shimmer on the entire lid and crease. I also added nude shimmer to blend in the inner corners of the eye. This was really simple to do and it looks really fun! To keep that color on without creasing, just slather on that wonderful eye primer form Da Vinci Cosmetics. 
I have always wanted to try pastel highlights in my hair and with the Da Vinci Cosmetics Nine Stack, I have all the colors to try it out. I used a fan brush to dip into the color and then paint random strands of hair. I put the colors on dry. If I do this next time, I may try to wet the color first and put it on like paste. It was really messy. There was shimmer/ glitter powder everywhere. Like all over my face, body, desk, computer, etc. You get the point. If you want to do this, take special precautions for fallout. It also didn't last that long. Maybe 3 hours. I am a hair toucher, so every time I touched it, the color wore out.  I could have also added some hairspray to seal it in, but too late! Either way, it looks super cute and fun! I loved it for the couple of hours I wore it.
Lastly, I used it as a lip color. I went for a walk on the wild side with some icy blue. Next time, I'll probably put a primer down and then some color. I will top it with the shimmers. Worked ok, but not my style! Overall, these were really fun to play with. There are a very nice variety of colors and finishes. The Nine Stacks are onlyl $25 so this is a great deal considering they are so multi-functional.
What do you think about these shadows? Have you heard of Da Vinci Cosmetics before? Do you look loose shadow pigments like these?


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