Calling All Blondes... I've Got Something for YOU!

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Back2Blonde is the perfect companion for those of us who have unnaturally blonde hair. You know when you reach that 7 week mark and you need your roots done so bad? Yeah, I know that feeling! Well Back2Blonde is the perfect fix for those in-between appointment times.
Check out what Everpro has to say about this awesome product. See, that girl makes it look too fun. While it is fun to magically see your roots disappear, does it really work? Check out my proof below.
Back 2 Blonde from Wulf Casting on Vimeo.
Back2Blonde has three color options for you. Dark blonde, medium blonde and light blonde. I chose light blonde because, well, that's what I got. The product comes in a 4 oz aerosol container. It is made with Prismatech Pigments to help self- adjust to your blonde and blend the colors to look natural. It is sweat resistant but washes out with shampoo. I love using this as a 4th day product because it acts very much like a dry shampoo.
The pictures taken here are about 6.5 weeks since my last color. You can see I have a whole lot of root going on. While my root isn't that much darker than natural color, it is still very significant.The product dries in about 2 minutes and has a really nice skinny applicator so it only goes where you are spraying it and not all over your entire head. 
After 2 coats of the Back2Blonde on my root area and around my face, I was able to get a natural looking cover up. Not too bad, huh? It literally was that easy to use, too. I pulled my end straight up by the ends and sprayed in my part and at the roots framing my face. I would think the darker your natural hair, the more you have to spray. Makes sense, right?
What do you think of this cover up? I personally think it's ingenious and one of my favorite ways to hold off longer in between salon sessions. It saves me a lot of time and money. Literally just spray, style and go. Hold it about 5 inches away from your hair and spray along the root line until it's covered to your liking. Back2Blonde cannot be used on eyebrows, body hair or other facial hair. Steer clear of the eyes ladies!!

Also, be sure to check out the generous giveaway that Everpro is having below.


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