Beauty Blender VS. Brush Application.. Show Time!

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I don't know about you, but I use both of these tools interchangeably on a daily basis when I apply my makeup. Do I have a preference? It depends on what I'm using the tools for on that particular day. Lets see which one blends out liquid foundation better!!
First up,  I have two brushes that I use for foundation. A flat top fluffy brush (similar to the Sigma F80) and a flat foundation brush (similar to the Sigma F60). One is from BH Cosmetics and I have no idea where I got the other one. I want to say Sephora, but yeah... I don't remember. 
Next up is the Beauty Blender. This is actually the 3D Classic Blender from Ricky's NYC. I got it in my Ipsy bag and was gifted another one from my sister because she doesn't know how to use it. Win for me!! On the left, it is wet and fully "inflated"; on the right is my old one that is dry. I always use mine wet because it blends easier and doesn't soak up the product. 
To start this experiment, I dabbed on foundation; like I would normally.  I used the 25 Hour Stay from Rimmel London.
With the brush, I use the flat top to just stipple away. I usually grab the foundation from the back of my hand, but I wanted this to be a fair fight, so you get face dabs. Once I stipple all of the product in, I then do short, light circular blending motions. I just want to make sure everything is even and not any visible lines. 
I applied the foundation the same way on the other side of my face- the right side and then went to town with the 3D Blender. To do this, you just get it wet and then squeeze out all the excess. Lightly dab, for me rapidly, until everything is nicely blended. 
So... can you tell if there is a difference between the two? Personally, I don't. I think if you can perfect the skill of blending, it doesn't matter what you do it with. I do prefer the blender just because it's quicker. With the brush, I need to go over it to make sure it's all blended after I stipple. I also love the brush because I can stipple with it and fill in those large pores and ice pick scars. 
What do you prefer? Do you use a combination of both?? I would love to hear your tool of choice. 


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