Red Coat Tuesday: Yup, Not Even Sure Why?!?

**May Contain Press Samples**

Ok, here I am doing another Red Coat Tuesday, but to be honest again, I have not watched past the first episode of this season. It just doesn't have me. I am waiting for Scream Queens to come back! Maybe we will do a SQ roundup instead!
For this weeks design, I did a glitter gradient and then flipped it up on my ring finger. I used a deep oxblood as my base and fun sparkly red on top.
I'm planning on catching up on vacation next week so hopefully I'll come back and have some show updates for you. If it's not catching me, I'm going to have to pass! Have you watched this season at all? What am I missing?
Colors Used:
Maybelline- Dressed to Kill
NYC New York Color- Ruby Slippers


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