I'm Back With Some Madam Glam and You Want to See These!

**Press Samples**

Today, is a special day for me. Not only do I have some gorgeous Madam Glam nail polish to show you, but I also have 2 birthdays in my family. Both of my sisters, who are 4 years apart, both have their birthdays today. The bad thing is one of them lives sooooo far away in South Carolina BUT the good thing is one of them lives in Pittsburgh with me! Happy Birthday Joleen and Carlie!!

Matte Me Pink
Gahhh! When I see the word matte in any polish name, I squee a little out loud. Well, I squee A LOT out loud!! I love, love this pretty bubblegum pink shade.
It also leans a little nude on me which makes me swoon even more. This is such a perfect color for summer weddings and everyday wear.
I used three coats for a nice even coverage. This does have a little bit of a grainy texture, but I kind of like it. It's like a demi-matte; more like a satin.

Coral Passion
Ok... talk about perfect summer color! This is a pastel color and not so quite bright as a usual coral. These pictures don't do it justice as there is a little neon hue to it, but it's so pretty. I'll be rocking this color at the beach next week!
This was a beautiful creme to play with. The application was flawless and I'm only using two coats with this.
This is also super manageable for the office setting that is a little particular about bright colors. This will keep you happy with your pretty digits and your boss happy with you!

Fashionista Forever
Madam Glam describes this as a Mulberry Purple and how pretty is it? I mean come on... This is like a fantastic shade of purple.
I am a HUGE purple lover so I am so excited to add this to the collection. It applies like a dream and wears like a dream.
I used two coats to come to full opacity and it was such a smooth application. It's such a nice color and can be used to swing in between Summer and Fall.

This... this is my new love. It's my favorite from this set of colors. Not because of the color (well I love the color, too) but because of the scent! LOOOOOOOVE scented polish and this is just so awesome.
It smells like a sweet passion fruit mixed with grape. It is quite delicious. This is a fuchsia that fall perfectly in the middle of purple and pink. 
I used two coats with this and I think in some areas is could use a third. This is not a creme BUT a so squishy jelly so it will take a little time to apply. Do it right and you'll love what you have. I've been rocking this color for a full week now!

Spring Flowers
Lastly, I have Spring Flowers. This is a crelly sprinkled with large red, purple and yellow hexes as well as smaller blue and purple hexes and red, blue and purple mircos.
Let's talk about application. There is NO fishing when it comes to catching the glitter. As you can see above, lots of glitter comes out with each brush dip.
This applies really smoothly, too. There is no curling glitters and there is a nice variety of glitter throughout.
I used two coats for this one just to build up the base color a little bit. I also really want to bling out that glitter so I got a little extra on there.

Overall, I am really in love with these colors. They are only $7.90 each and Madam Glam always has sales so it's rare you will pay full price. Each of these are totally worth it. I was happy with the overall application and the color quality of all.

If you love these, you can learn more or buy them from Madam Glam here. What do you think of these colors? Do you have a favorite out of the group? Let me know what you think below!!


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