Brows: Let's See How Rimmel London Does It!!

**Press Sample**

I don't know about you, but I have been loving my drugstore brands lately. I mean, you can't beat a product that performs at a luxury level that costs less than $10! You can't get any better than that. Rimmel London has really been stepping up their game. When I got this brow kit to try, I was so excited! Any makeup momma will tell you that the brow is oh, so important!
First up, the Brow This Way sculpting kit. It comes with a creamy wax color, a powder pan, a dual ended brush and  spoolie. All-n-one would be my name for this. I love that it comes with a dual ended brush because I can use a different side for each the powder and cream wax. I have this in the color 001 Blonde.
First, you apply the wax on the outline of your brows, except the middle. Then blend it out towards your brow- the bottom blend upward and the top you blend downward. The middle blend away from your nose. Flip your brush around and then apply the powder to set it and fill in any gaps. Finish it off with a little spoolie action to tame.
On the left is my nicely done Rimmel London brow and on the right is straight ol' Brigitte brow. Yup, my natural fluff. I loved the way this product worked. The wax was super creamy and not hard to work with. It actually set pretty quickly which was nice, too. The powder was light and fluffy. It was a perfect filler. I give the Rimmel London Brow This Way kit a double thumbs up!
The other product that came with this was the Brow This Way lightweight Brow Gel. Unlike it's partner, I did not flow with this baby. It was very light and hard to work with. I did get the shade 001 Blonde, but it seemed very light. The wide brush also made it very difficult to maneuver around the brows. I would have liked to see more of a tapered brush. I always say it's the brush that always makes it or breaks it. This one broke it.


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