5 Ways to Wear Your Liquid Shimmer Bronzer

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Ok, so I took 3 different liquid shimmer/bronzers and went to town. I love my bronzers as much as the next beauty, but I have soooo many that I had to get creative in ways to use them up. I don't want any makeup to go to waste so the more ways to use one, the more I can use. 
First up, an eye shadow. Metallics are so hot right now and why not do do a quick, easy to apply shadow. Put a little liquid bronzer on your finger (like I did) or dab it on your lid and smooth it out with a brush. Either way, you have a super pretty, shimmery shadow to rock all night long. Being that it's a liquid, it will be easy to build if you are looking for something a little more bold. 

Contour with that bronzer. This may be the most popular and most used ways to liquid bronze. I actually prefer the liquid because it is easier to control for me. I swipe it on with my finger or dot it on with my finger and then go to town with blending. You can use a brush or a beauty blender to get that chiseled look. I love to accent my cheek bones and chin line with liquid bronzer.  

The #3 use is for a nice liquid lip. Again, pour metallic products all over me and you better not miss my lips. You can build it up to be dark or just one swipe for a subtle and sexy shimmer finish. If you use a little bit of a dark liner this would be the perfect summer lip. Again, dip me in metallics!!

Yes... You want your chest to shine as bright as your cheek bones, don't you? You can dab a couple dots along your collarbone or on your chest and then blend it out. You get a nice, sexy glow that will make you pop in a low plunge dress. You can also accent your assets with an extra layer in the spots you want to show off. 

Last but not least, lets let the whole body shine! Sometimes you want a little color with your highlight. To give my pale, pasty skin some umpf I start with a little bronzer and then apply a BB Cream of a light coverage foundation. You don't want to hid that shine! Dab a few dots on and then blend it out with a beauty blender or a brush. 

How do you use your liquid bronzer? Have you thought about getting creative with it?


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