Zoya Sunsets Beachy Nail Art

**May Contain Press Samples**

You all know that I love the Zoya Sunsets collection and I wanted to share a super easy stamping design that I did using 2 of my favorite colors from the collection. If you want to check out all of the colors, you can click here to see my full review post.
I used a plate from Pueen, SEO4B. It is a larger plate, so I can use all different designs and patterns with it.
In the first two photos, I used a matte topcoat, NYC Matte Me Crazy, and the last two photos, I used my usual Seche to top it off.I am not sure which one I like more. Which one do you like more?
I'm kind of leaning towards the matted out one, but I do love both. They are subtle and super fun for the summer!

Colors Used:
Zoya- Dixie
Zoya- Liv
Do you have any of the new Summer Zoya colors, yet? Which ones are you eyeing up?


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