Zoya Seashells Summer 2016 Collection

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Today, I am sooo excited to show you one of the two new collections from Zoya. This is Seashells, the 2016 Summer Collection. Now, I am sooooo excited that they decided to bring back the PixieDusts. I love the texture and I love when they are on sealed with a top coat. Either way, they are just fun to play with and fun to wear. All of these can be found here and they are $10 each.  You can buy the full collection for $60 or a 4 piece sampler for only $20. Just a little warning, this is very picture heavy. I wanted to be able to show you all the beauty!

 Bay is a sky blue color with the famous silver and gold pixie throughout. This is just beautiful. I am so not a blue person, but I love this shade.
Bay is opaque in about 3 coats. I have it topped over Dory from the Sunsets Collection. I think this would be beautiful over a contrasting color such as Brynn or even a white. 
 Either way, this is just a super pretty color. Over the Dory, it just blings around in the sun. This is going to be the perfect summer color.

Next up is one of my favorites from the collection. Levi is a light gold color; which Zoya describes as "beige gold". It has medium holo hexes throughout the polish. 
This is very similar to Bar, but the glitter is much finer and the holo hexes aren't as big. 
 I actually love this color. The fine gold flakes and the smaller hexes are just perfect!

Next is the green of the Seashells Collection. This reminds me of lemon-lime soda and the color is even used to describe it similar to this. It is the perfect match for Ness from the Sunsets Collection.
This also looks fantastic on my skin tone. I have one of those reddish skin tones that hates yellows, oranges and greens. This color has a little lean of gold to the glitters so it looks great on even us with the warmer skin tones.
As you can see, the goldish glitz in this color makes it perfect for St. Patricks Day. I can't wait to use this again during my little leprechaun season.

Tilly is my next favorite color from this collection. Even though I have really been into golds for the last year, I am in love with pretty much all the classic metallics colors.
Tilly is described as "starry grey PixieDust with small holo glitter interwoven with a darker gunmetal glitters mixed throughout".
As you can see, this is packed with a ton of glitter which makes this almost completely opaque. I used about two coats to bring it to its fullest opacity.

This is described as a cherry red with the fuchsia and red glitter to make the final look mimic cherries dipped in sugar.
I loooove this color and I actually wore it for my Memorial Day nail look. It is so bright and vibrant and looks soooo nice on my skin tone. It's like a super, sexy red with some glitz added in.
The fuchsia glitter throughout this color brings it to a whole other level of beautiful! I'm probably going to love this all year long.

Zooey, which is a very pretty color. It's also a pretty neat name. I matched this with Cam. The only issue is it's not a perfect match.
It's more of a classic pink, almost salmon color. I love it over the orange or over the white. I haven't tried it by itself yet because it seems a little more transparent than it's brother and sisters.
It has gold micro glitters and hexes throughout which makes it even better! I love the versatility of this color because it looks so different over different colors.
Overall, I love this collection. It's perfect for summer and just about any season for that. I love the versatility of the colors and the way they change so much with different unders. For $10 each, they are a perfect addition to any collections. Plus, they are the PixieDusts that were supposed to be gone for good.

What do you think of these colors? Are you going to buy any of these? 


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