Nail Bliss Sculpted Acrylic Nail Kit

**Press Sample**

I have not worn or had false nails in several years. When I was contacted by Nail Bliss, I was a bit leary of using press-on nails, but my natural nails have been in such sad shape coming out of the this Topamax fog that I thought it would nice to have some protection of them for a while. I was given 5 products from Nail Bliss to show you and I will be showing them off over the next several weeks.
First up is the Nail Bliss Sculpted Acrylic Nail Kit in the Active Square shape. I actually got two of the four shapes so a little bit of a longer length will be coming your way. There is both square and rounded shapes and they offer mega gel shine and up to 10-days of wear. They are both with the acrylic paint. These feature the Patented Acrylic Infused Technology, which makes these thicker and stronger than other products. They are 500% stronger and do not chip.
This kit includes pink gel glue, 28 nails in 14 sizes, a mini nail file and a manicure stick. They are $8.29 and found exclusively at Sally's. You can visit to see the entire line and buy. I love having my nails longer than they naturally are... a little bit longer. These were a little too long for me. I did have to file them down a bit so that I was comfortable wearing them for 10 days. Now, I must say that the tips of the Nail Bliss nails are super strong because I had a hard time just filing them down. I had to cut them and then file.
Overall, I have enjoyed wearing them. Once I got them down to the length that was comfortable for me, I was able to wear them for 11 days before I changed them. I even painted over them a couple of times. I did have a couple fall off during that time, but I also did plant an entire garden, go grocery shopping, clean my daughters room, work out, and do other normal day activities so I was impressed that all of them didn't fall off. I would have definitely broke a natural nail doing those tasks.
What do you think of these kinds of nails? Have you ever heard of Nail Bliss before? What is your preferred nail length?


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