L'Occitane Beautiful Skin Essentials Best of L'Occitane Set Birthday Bag

Another fantastic birthday gift from a fantastic friend. My friends really do know me well, huh? Anyway, I got this from my dear friend Amy. She doesn't have a blog yet, but with two blogger friends she will soon!
l'occitane, sephora, birthday presents, gift
This cute little kit comes with 6 deluxe sized products and a super cute over-sized makeup bag. I will actually be swapping out the 3 Ipsy bags I currently use for my gym bag with this one. It's a perfect space saver and it's super cute!
l'occitane, sephora, birthday presents, gift
First up is the Immortelle Precious Cream. This is a 24- hour anti- aging moisturizer. This is super luxurious cream. It's smooth, creamy and does not leave a greasy after film. 
l'occitane, sephora, birthday presents, gift
The Almond Indulgence Shower Oil is just heaven for your shower! It smells so heavenly and feels even more heavenly. Since it's an oil, it's double moisturizing and I just love that. It's not too thick so it's very nice to use. I love the use the oil in a super hot shower- try it... it's glorious! 
l'occitane, sephora, birthday presents, gift
L'Occitane has a fantastic line of skin creams. I think I have a couple of these and I really can't get enough. I have not found a scent to be too strong or a cream to be too greasy. There are 12 different scents/types. I have the Dry Skin and Cherry Blossom tubes and they are a perfect size for purse lotions. 
l'occitane, sephora, birthday presents, gift
I have not tried this one yet as I am always scared to use oils on my face since it is super sensitive and oily to begin with. The L'Occitane Cleansing Oil in this bag comes in a really nice travel size that is perfect for weekend trips. I know the theory goes that it won't effect us oily gals, but I stay away. Anyway to reduce shine and blockage is the way I go! It has 5% shea and smells really nice!
l'occitane, sephora, birthday presents, gift
The last product I have is the L'Occitane Supple Skin Almond Oil. Now this stuff is my new summer staple. While I don't care for oil on my face, I love it on my body; especially my legs. It smells like heaven and applies like heaven. It is made with 50% almond oil which is why it lasts for a pretty long time. 

Overall, I am very impressed with the products in this bag. It actually makes me want to try more of their products; especially their lavender foaming bath. I have been searching for some new bath goodies and this might be the next one. Have you tried any L'Occitane products? If so, which ones?


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