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Face sheet masks are making their way back around. Everyone is wearing them and you can get one for just about any skin condition. I have managed to compile quick a stock of them and I wanted to walk you through the different kinds. 

pur-lisse- Blue Lotus+ Seaweed and White Tea+ Seaweed
These contain Asian botanicals that fight to blend free radicals, improves skin texture, firm skin, and bring back a healthy complexion. pur-lisse says to use this 1-2 times a week for the full effect. These are $8 each. 

Tony Moly- Avocado for Nutrition and Pomegranate for Elasticity
These sheet masks boast their 3 layers; a pulp layer sandwiched between 2 layers of rayon. These don't contain parabens, talc, benzophenone or triethanolamine. They are $4 each. You can buy these at Sephora.

Dermal- Syn-Ake Collagen Essence Mask
This mask, apparently, you can feel the difference immediately. This is because of the peptide syn-ake. It is similar to real snake venom. It was developed by the Swiss and is supposed to smooth your skin with preventing skin from wrinkling.  You can get this for $4.52 for 10 sheets. 

When- Travelmate
This mask is used to help recover skin from the everyday hardships such as sun, wind and dry air. They are made from Biocellulose sheets which is soft, gentle and made from coconuts to help deliver the ingredients better. You can buy these for $7 each at Sephora or Ulta. I'll be sharing more on this brand and more of their masks later on, so stay tuned!!

Sephora- Pearl Mask
This is made with white pearl to help even out skin tone, brighten skin and minimize irregularities. This is a cloth mask and it contains mushrooms and broccoli! I think that is so funny. Anyway, unlike the other 4 masks, you keep this on for only 15 minutes. You can pick this up from Sephora for $6.

What you need to know. These are different than the masks you buy in a jar or tube, apply to your face, let dry and then wash off. These often exfoliate, deep clean and have other ingredients that the sheets don't contain. The sheets are mostly made of serums that can survive on a sheet and then be transferred to your skin. 
These should be used in conjunction with your regular routine and should not replace your routine. I like to do a spa day once a week. Once a week I use a face mask, not once a day. Even though they do contain serums like you regularly use on your face, they shouldn't replace them. 
If you are acne prone like me, you need to be careful with which masks you use on your face. Think about it... putting a sheet over your skin for about 20 minutes can create a warm greenhouse effect for bacteria. You should first make sure you use sheet masks on freshly cleansed skin, only!

The best thing about sheet masks are that they are easy to use, super sterile with their one time use packets, and they are fantastic for traveling. They can be doubled as a treatment and moisturizer all-in-one.

Mask tip: for a cool facial treatment, stick your mask in the fridge and for a warm facial treatment, stick it under hot water for a couple of minutes. Of course, you want to do this while in the packet still.

Most of the masks that I have contain water, glycerin and aloe. Most of them also contain
Tony Moly contained the best (I think) ingredients. They include all the fruits and vegetables for each mask, niacin, biotin, folic acid, collagen and elastin.

How do you feel about sheet masks? What is your favorite brand? Do you have a favorite type of mask? 


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