It's MY Birthday Party!!!

**May Contain Press Samples**

Today is a fantastic day in Pittsburgh! Myself and my bestie Amy are having a combo birthday party. We named it Team 64 Birthday Pageant and it's going to be awwwwesommmme! We are having a tailgate with all of our friends followed by a fantastic Pirates baseball game and then wherever the night leads us after that. 

The Pittsburgh Pirates, or Buccos, as we call them have the same color theme as the rest of our great city's sports- Black and Gold (or yellow). I decided to go with a legitimate black and gold theme with my nails. I did a little tribal theme with the help of some nail decals. 
You know I've been loving the gold and just about any other color combo. So, of course this is going to be on my love list!
Colors Used:
Man Glaze- #Matte is Murder
Cirque- Chrysopoeia
KB Shimmer- Sun & Games


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