Red Coat Tuesday Presents RED Lips

**Press Sample**

Today, we are doing lips!!!! I am also showing you a little teaser for the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss. Which, by the way, I have totally fell in love with!! I cannot wait to share this full post with ALL of the colors, but you will have to be teased with this one!
 First, on PLL... same ol' same ol'. Like, I really think I may stop writing about the show and just concentrate on what I am doing with my nails or makeup. I really have become bored with this damn show and it's kind of making me made now. I think I am going through the stages of grief! Anyway, like I say every week... let's hope it heats up!!
 So, this lippy color is called Shanghai Scarlet and it's the sexiest of red colors. I mean, look how sparkling white my teeth look! It is sooo smooth and buttery and It literally stays FOREVER!! If you don't belive me, you should have seen my Snaps from this weekend. (stay up to date by following me at SZIZZY12184)


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