Paula's Choice BHA 2% Skin Perfecting Liquid

**BzzAgent Sample**

My struggle is so real with my skin and I have heard so many people talk about Paula's Choice products. I was pretty excited when I got the opportunity to try this product out. I am like the perfect fit for all of the problem areas this product is supposed to fix. Large pores, uneven texture, and generally unhealthy looking skin. I am mid- medicine transition so I am hoping that combined with some good skin care, I will be able to battle this gak on my face!
Paula's Choice says, "while there are many BHA (short for beta hydroxy acid) products available, formulating them at the pH level needed to effectively penetrate pores is extremely difficult. This leave-on exfoliant does exactly that with a unique, water-light texture ideal for any skin type, and the results are remarkable". So, this is their signature product. I started using it and then stopped to kind of re-start my face. I will be restarting it again so soon... See below for a little **hint**

ALSO... A little sneak peek for all of you.... I will be doing a mega huge campaign with Paula's Choice starting in about a week. So, stay tuned! I am hoping for miracles here for my face!

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