I'm Getting Ready for Warm Weather with Some Help From Vita Liberata

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 So..... I am getting so excited for the warm weather coming my way BUT it's slowly coming. When the summer finally comes, I can't just sit and bask in the sun either. I have such pale skin that I burn and then tan. Burning is never good so I slather on that sunscreen. By the time the end of the summer comes, I finally have some color but not as much as I would like. I am an Italian and Irish mix but I got the Irish skin. Burn, baby burn.
 Vita Liberata has really given me the opportunity to bring me back to my Italian roots and give me that nice golden Italian skin I should have. I mean the rest of my 5 siblings have nice dark skin....I am the only pale Irish baby :(. Anyway.... enough sulking about my easily burned skin. Vita Liberata has been giving me solutions to this problem for the last year.
 Body Blur is the newest product on the Vita Liberata line and it is so multi-use, I am excited to move this right on up to my personal makeup table. This is a velvety, 24 hour wear, waterproof, contour and instant self-tanning creme. This little beauty is made with organic botanicals and is ultra moisturizing. You can also see the instant shimmer in the close-up shot above.
Whether you are looking for a little pick me up on a night out or a velvety creme to use on your face for contouring. I used this both on my face and on my body. This is also suggested to use on your collar bones for an accent, too. I actually prefer a liquid creme bronzer and highlight to a powder. It's easier to control where you put it and it's easier to remove if you make a mistake. I'm going to be using this all week with my makeup looks, so be sure to check Snapchat (Szizzy12184) to see how it looks in use!! This bottle is $45 for a little over 3 oz.

You can learn more or pick out your other favorite Vita Liberata products below:


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