#RedCoatTuesday with Shades of RED

ny**Bought It**

Ok, so last week we started to heat up a little bit more. I am not as bored as I was the previous week but I'm still not happy about the reoccurring story line. I'm sure those ladies won't leave us hanging and they are just starting to warm up BUT I wish they would warm up a little faster....
I tried to do a chevron design using a couple different shades of red but they all kind of blended together. You can see them up close but from far away, it just looks like a nice red mani... lol. Oh well. Next week, I am going to go for some red makeup. Is there anything you want to see? I'm thinking some red lips!
Colors Used:
NYC- Ruby Slippers
Revlon- Saucy
Pure Ice- All Nighter
Nail Vinyls from Mid West Lacquer


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