RedCoatTuesday with a New A?

**May Contain Press Samples**

Ok, so I guess we are starting to cook back up on PLL. I was kind of afraid of this happening where another A would come back into the picture BUT hopefully they can make it good! 
For this weeks design, I decided to try out my new plates from Pueen. I am kind of in love with the set that I got. I'm not going to tell you just yet what exactly I got BUT I will tell you it's an exclusive set so stay tuned to see.  I stamped my brightest Miami red all up on this beautiful creamy Zoya.
As for my PLL ladies... I'm curious to see how this new "A" fits into the new killing on the show and to see how all the new love interests pan out. I think I'm most interested in poor Emily right now. I feel like she's so lost and really doesn't have anyone to depend on. I feel like she's in her darkest place ever.
 Do you have any predictions for tonight's show? What do you think of the new "A"? Who do you think it is?

Colors Used:
Barielle- Miami Heat
Zoya- Cala


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