Red Coat Tuesday is Going Wild!!

**May Contain Press Samples**

Another Tuesday is upon us... those bitches are back and I don't even know what to say this week. Well, I do know what to say... I am kind of bored with this season and it sucks. PLL used to be one of my favorite shows and I knew it was going to be like this... oh well. That's what you get when you try to do a repeat!
I will continue to do cute red-themed nail art for the remainder of the season because, well, I'm not a quiter!! I've been seeing soooo many cheetah designs that I just had to do some cheetah in my life. Of course, this is the #RedCoatTuesday version.
My only hope is that now that Ezra is back things with him and Aria start to heat up and things start to get interesting again... because this season is a major DUD!! Anyway, Do you watch PLL? What do you think of this season? I just can't!
Colors Used:
Funky Fingers- Red
Rica- Blackout
Zoya- Cala


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