How I Keep My Nails Safe From Mr Snowmeiser

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Nail Tools
A safe, clean and durable nail tool is very important when cleaning and shaping your nails. Using old or unclean tools can severely damage your nails. Tweezerman offers a full line of products for your hands and feet to care for your nails and surrounding skin. I have a couple products below just to show you what is available and what I use.
Grip n' Snip Spiral Spring Cuticle Nipper
This is perfect for cleaning up your cuties or anything hanging that you may want to clean up. 

Regency Finish Collection Cuticle Nipper, Toenail Combo Clipper and Fingernail Clipper
These are all laser-etched with a stunning pattern that are designed to trim with ease and perfection. The toenail clipper even has a removable case that catches the clippings. 

Neon Hot 4-in-1 File, Buff, Smooth and Shine Block

This is just the perfect tool to finish off any mani or pedi that you give yourself. It smooths out your nails and files them with easy and perfection. You can also replace the pads super easily, too!

Nail Goodies
Below are just some products that I use in rotation on my nails. Every time I sit down to do my nails I use this either in combination of a lotion, Nail Butter and a base protein. I use all pictured below (in a rotation). It's very important to keep your hands, nails and skin hydrated. Especially if you are like me and swatching polish all the time. This really drys out your nails and surrounding skin. Replenishing this with lotion is important. Another tip is to always be drinking water. Just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't hydrate!
Qtica Base Serum and Orly Top2Bottom Coat, Nivea Moisturizing Creme, Palmer's Intensive Hand Cream and Nail Butter
When I am not swatching polish and just wearing polish, I am rotating between Qtica and Orly. Both of these give the proteins that my nails need to stay strong and grow healthy. I have personally had the best luck with both of these and I have tried about 10 of them :) I do use whatever is on sale at CVS as a base coat when swatching but when I'm doing my nails "for real" I use the two above. Palmer's and Nivea are both super thick and both go on from my knuckles up. They are a little thick but both put all the moisture back in my skin. I love them Nail Butter always goes on. It goes on from knuckles down to my fingertips. It really is a miracle cream. It helps my cuticles, nails and just about everything. I really, really recommend this product. 

Soap Not Radio Lotion in The Phoenix
I got this in an Ipsy bag and actually ended up picking up an entire sample pack. I love these because I can throw them in my purse, car and desk and they bring back the hydration. They are my traveling magic. The products listed above stay at my blogging station but these little babies travel everywhere with me and they smell fantastic! 

Lolita Lacquer Mani Bombs
Lastly, you have to treat your nails every once in a while. To do that, I give them a little luxury bath. I have been on a bomb kick lately and that includes mani bombs. Lolita Lacquer has a TON to mani bombs and they all smell fantastic! They also make your hands feel so soft and silky afterwards. I try to bomb my hands (lol) at least once a week. All those oils and soaking your hands is just so relaxing!

Overall, keeping your hands protected during these winter months is important and weather you love these brands or you want to find your own, the upkeep is what counts! I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to hear if you use any of these. Do you have a favorite step in your nail care process?


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