Facial Hair Remover without Wax, Shaving or Tweezing

**Product Review**

So, I usually do my hair removal via waxing BUT since I have been using Retinol products, I have had to abstain from wax removal on my face. I have been on the hunt for a different way to remove hair on my face and I stumbled across a great opportunity from Bellesentials.
They actually ended up sending me a bonus facial razor, which is awesome!! This products is super easy to use and acutally my favorite facial hair remover. I mean, let's face it... we all have it. Some of us want to remove it. I like to remove it for close up picture shots for the blog and just personal reasons. This feels a little like tweezing but you are pulling out several hairs at one time.
What you do is just bend it like the picture above and then roll it between your fingers as you roll it over your face. You can use it on your upper lip, chin, jawline, cheeks and sideburns. I would stay away from your hairline and eye brows because it is a little hard to control. Overall, if you are not into waxing or don't like tweezing I would say give this product a try. You can find it on Amazon here for $10.95.


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