Zoya Whispers Transitional Collection

**Press Sample**

Zoya Whispers is the **NEW** collection and it's their transitional collection. The colors are super brilliant because they are pastel (which in my mind makes me think Easter Bunny) but if you remove the pink and purple, you have a really nice neutral toned palette.

I love this color! This is described as a "light, rosy toned neutral that is a modern take on blush". 
 For me, this was supppppper light and almost leaned nude. I would love to see this with a shimmer. It would be gorgeous!

 This is described as a "subtle grayed grape that is more interesting than a mauve and gives a modern alternative that is ever so wearable". I love mauves, grapes and anything in the purple family so I think this is the perfect color combo-ed with this gray!
 This is one of the pastelish colors I was talking about. This makes me think that the Spring collection will be full of bright colors!

 BUT this green!! Zoya describes this as a, "uniquely wearable green that is muted enough to make it subtle yet still interesting". It is supposed to the best mixture between blue and yellow so it matches well with all skin tones.
 This color really does compliment my pasty skin tone. I was surprised about how I like this color. I am soooo not a green girl BUT this really is a nice soft color to transition.  

This is described as a "soft nude with a kiss of warmth that will flatter most skin tones". For me, this color leans more towards a creamy yellow than a nude.
Don't get me wrong, I love this color so hard, but I think the description of nude is a little off. I feel like Misty leans more nude than Cala. This is a peach color, to my eye, and I love it!

Zoya describes this as a "softened blue that gives the effect of serene water with just a hint of vibrancy to preserve its luminosity".
Meh.... I'm not sure about the whole vibrancy thing. This is a powder blue in its truest form. I don't see any luminosity or brightness at all in this color. It's ok, though. It's still a super pretty color. This is another one of those pretty pastel colors that is perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday.

This is supposed to be an "easy to wear taupe that is an updated version of gray with with just a touch of green to make it daring". When I first saw this color, I thought this was the nude out of the bunch.
While I'm not in love with this color and totally think it looks a little mustard like, it's ok. I'm going to add it to my nudes pile.
Overall, This collection is perfect for a transition into the Spring. Hopefully it will start to bring on the Spring weather. I know it's a little too early to start wishing for warm weather, but hey.... I can wish, can't I? All of these colors are super creamy and super rich. I used 3 super delicately placed layers. These are very creamy, so be careful you aren't gooping on the colors. If you want to check out the colors on the site or buy your own, you can do so here. They are $9 each or $54 for the sampler pictured below.


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