NEW Glasses from Firmoo and YOU Helped me Pick Them!!

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Today, I have a fun post for all of you! I posed a question on Instagram a couple of weeks ago about getting help with picking out my next pair of glasses. Wellllll I actually went with all of your suggestions and grabbed the ones you told you me PLUS TWO MORE!! I just couldn't help it! You can see at the end of the post, the ones that you actually picked for me!
These glasses, style #F047, are purple. They were pictured as a much lighter color on the website than they were when I received them but I am ok with this shade. They have a plastic frame and are about mid-sized. They are in the uni-sex category, as well. They retail for $36 with my prescription. You can pick them up here.

I have been calling these my Warby Parker knockoffs. I wore these to work last week and I had 3 people ask me if these were from the new Warby Parker line. So... yes...score for me! These are style #DBSN62165 and they come in 3 different color options. I went for the tortoise gradient and I love this look. The best part about these glasses is that they are only $26.00! Yes... you need these. You can pick them up here.

The last pair I picked up are supposed to be blue and red. I bought them so I could wear them to work functions (our University colors are Navy Blue and Red) and have some school spirit. I must admit the red is a little pinkish and the blue is super dark so these aren't really the colors I was looking for. They do, however, look exactly like they do on the website. I just went back to look at them and yup... they do. I don't know what I was thinking but I still love them. You can pick these up here for only $27.00.

SOOOOOO.... I picked the tortoise gradient glasses. These are my secret Warby Parker knockoffs. I am in love with these frames. They way they feel, the way they look and the price. I mean come on! $26.00 for these babies.
Also, when you sign up now you get 15% off your first order. I have gotten about 8 pairs of glasses from Firmoo and I have been really happy. The shipping is fairly quick if you opt for the express option. It's only a few dollars more and totally worth it. 
Either way, I have always been happy with all of my purchases. My prescriptions have always been perfect and the frames are always durable and sturdy. 
Firmoo is definitely worth checking out. They always have specials; often BOGO or free shipping. So check often until l you find something good and go for it. I wait for the BOGOs then you get two pairs of glasses for like $30. 

What do you think of these glasses? Do you like the ones I picked as my favorites? Do you wear glasses? Are you in to different colored frames?


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