I'll Make It Look Like Winter...With My Makeup

**May Contain Press Samples**
For today's post, I have a lot of pictures and a lot of Borghese! I decided to go full on glam and full on dark. Since we are in the full swing of winter in PA and it's getting cold out I thought it would be a good time to do a vampy glam look. I usually like to hunker down and do nothing in the middle of winter but not this winter! This is the year of doing me! So I'm going out and having fun. This is a look to do just that.
This is one of my go-to palettes. I love their products. All of their shadows are so creamy and awesomely silky! I use Stoke for my eyebrows and wisp a lot for a base color. GO-TO palette! I even gave one to my friend I loved it so much.
Next up, I used  Afterglow on the inner corner of my lid and Pulse on the outer. I used Wane, Impact and Downfall on the out lid and crease. I also used Shroud to smudge out of the liner a little bit on my lids. I wanted to keep nice crisp lines on my wings but I wanted a kind of smokey look on my lids, still.
Next was the tricky part. I have been seeing so many Cleopatra looks online and I have worn them a couple times but I wanted to do it all with one line. I finally found a great felt tip liner that worked perfectly! 
Once I got that liner perfect...which you all know takes forever and practice... I got moving on to the rest of the face. I should also mention that I blended the heck out of all of this shadow. With using all of these dark and light shades together I need to make sure it all goes together very nicely.  
This trio has been one of my favorites for a night out. It provides the perfect amount of shimmer and the perfect amount of highlight, bronzer and blush. It really is a three-in-one. 
Since it is the winter, I wanted a little bit of a daker blush. I blended Stunner into the Model Co. Peach just to turn up the color. Stunner also has a little shimmer so it keeps everything looking fresh for a night out.

Lastly,  I added some creamy rose wine lippy on to amp up the vamp! This is one of my favorite colors of the winter. This is from the ColorStruck Collection and it just just gorgeously creamy. It's called Release.
Overall, I love this look. I could even rock it (minus all of the liner and a little less shadow) to work on a daily basis. I love Borghese products! They are all such high quality. All of them are super pigmented, creamy, apply magically and say even better.

Products Used:
Borghese- Shadow and Light Luminous Palette 
Borghese- Five Shades of Torrid Eye Shadow 
Borghese- Stunner
Model Co- Highlighting Tro- Champagne, Peach, Bellini and Bronze
Borghese- Linea Precisa Eyeliner 
Borghese- Release


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