A Little Christmas Leftovers from Sally Hansen

**May Contain Press Samples**
Today, I decided to throw up some leftovers I have from my Christmas designs. I forgot to post these pre- holidays so..... you get them now :) I got this beauty from a friend in a swap and I love it! It's Sally's version of matte polish and it's got a little texture to it. I also love this cranberry color.
I decided to stamp some holiday themed stamps over this polish. The candy cane plate was a little meh/ify to work with but the presents turned out super great. I think it's time to start picking up new plates since I got my new fat squishy stamper. I like this design. It's super easy, simple and festive!
Colors Used:
Sally Hansen- Lavish
Sally Hansen- Game of Chromes
Rica- Whiteout


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