Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Holiday for Your Holiday Travel!

**Press Sample**
So, since I have started using the gel line from Sally Hansen, they have drastically improved. They used to be super stringy, take forever to dry and just not fun to use. Now, I really enjoy using them. I love to use them especially when I am traveling. They have a lot of super fun colors that last for my long holiday trips.

I also happen to be in love with these brushes. They are the fatty fats that apply the best. They are two swoop loves. Literally a swoop on the left side of the nail and then a swoop on the right side and it's done. This really is my favorite brush of all brushes.
First up, I have Game of Chromes. This is a gorgeous golden metal polish that dries with such a gorgeous shimmer. I looooove this for the holiday.
This is super perfect for wear this plain by itself or with any kind of nail art. I am excited to try this out with a fun design.
One warning, as all metals do, this color shows all your flaws so double up on your base coat. You will be rocking your glam all night long!!

Next up, I have Rhapsody Red. This is a vroom, vroom sexy red! Another perfect-for-the-holidays-color.
This is defeiently perfect for any holiday design you are looking for and perfect for any long holiday travel you are doing. Don't forget you are working with a gel polish so it's going to last longer than regular polish. The specially designed top coat bonds with the base color to last longer and gives 2x the volume.
Again, just look at that color!! Such a gorgeous red!

Lastly, we have Spice Age. This goes along with the whole shimmering metal theme again. This is a deep brown is a gorgeous color. I actually went out and bought this color for a Christmas swap I am doing. I love this color that much that I am giving away to other people!! lol
As you can see, there is a lot of shimmer in this color and it is kind of a spice mix between chocolate and cinnamon. There is a lot of different browns mixing and shimmering in here. 

Overall, I love these colors for the upcoming holidays. They are perfect for any sort of traveling you have to do or any kind of nail art you have in mind. I am definitely going to play with these to see what I am going to come up with and I am planning on putting Rhapsody Red on my toes! Perfect to spice up my toes on a cold (not really here in Pittsburgh but I am going to pretend for the sake of my winter) day.


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