On the Holiday Gift Guide: NYC New York Color in a Minute Holiday Nail Polish

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Today, I have two really fun holiday nail polishes to show you from NYC New York Color. They are great colors and full of sparkle! 
First up, Ruby Slippers. This color is the perfect holiday red scattered with silver and red circle glitter. The base is a crelly so it is perfect for building. 
I have about 2 coats in this picture so you can see this built up pretty nicely for only two coats. I am sure you can do more and get a nicely gelled look with a nice squishy top coat to plump it out.

This is a great festive color called NY Princess. Purple and royal in all her glory, this is a little more jelly leaning that her sister above. 
This is the same with purple and silver glitters scattered throughout. I just love the way this polish looks. It is great really for any season but for a nice change from the usual greens and reds.
Overall, I really like these polishes. They are priced really nicely, they apply just as nicely and they are super easy to find. I absolutely would recommend looking into these as a gift for the friend that is starting out in the nail polish world. They are easy to work with and easy to find if they have the itch for MOAR!!


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