Lolita Lacquer Holiday Mani BOMBS!!

**Product Samples**
The products below are part of of the Holiday Gift Guide... Go, BUY, BUY, and BUY!!!
I am soooo super excited to bring back a new favorite part of my mani routine! I had such huge success when I showed you these a while back and now I get to show you some new additions to her shop. I actually brought some to work for my work ladies and they fell in love, too! I can't even begin to tell you how many great things a once-a-week mani bomb has done for my hands besides you have to try it yourself!
Anyway, I am bringing you 4 new-to-the-shop scents and I am loving them all. I will tell you that I have a favorite but I am going to wait until the end for that. 
Snowflake- This is the Angel's Delight dupe and I am loving it!!! It's got some coconut, apricot and a little shimmer. Think of it as a minty, beach oasis. This is $1.50 for 2 bombs.
Snowball- This is a dupe for Lush's Champagne Snow. This is very refreshing and soothing on cold winter hands. Single mani bomb for $1.00 each.
Mountain Misrule- This looks like something right out of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This is the Lush dupe of Lord of the Misrule. It has hints of sandalwood and patchouli. This is meant to be a multi-use bomb so you can break little pieces off and use it multiple times. Wahoo for the bargin-bomb! This is $1.50 for a single bomb.
Naughty Girl- This is the Candy Girl Lush dupe and it smells like bubble gum heaven!! Yes, this is shaped like a lump of coal and is perfect for all of the girls in your life that have been naughty but still deserve beautiful hands! lol. These are $1.25 for a single bomb.
In addition to these 4, there are sooo many other cute additions to the shop including a cute little snowman, sugar cookies, gingerbread men, winter holiday nail charms and her regular scents- which I happen to loooove the Almond Macaroon.
So, my winner out of these four is Mountain of Misrule. I just love the musky scents for the winter and this one has it! If you are interested in any of these or want to give some cute and easy gifts, you can check out the Lolita Lacquer shop here.


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