Ipsy December Glam Bag to Glam Up Your Holidays

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So, it's December and I am coming around to the time to decide if I want to renew or change over to a new sub box or not. I can say Ipsy is absolutely a hit-or-miss box. I either love the bags or hate them. After showing you all of the products, I will let you know but if you have been reading my reviews of the previous boxes, you will know right away what I think.

This is a weekly treatment that will protect from moisture loss, damage, remove frizz and soften hair. This product contains coconut oil, shea butter and biotin. This sounds like a fantastic product. So, I don't know where in my profile it says I would like hair treatments, but maybe they had leftovers? I am so picky with my hair products so this will go in my giveaway pile. Booo..  
So this may be the only thing that I really kind of like out of this bag. My sister gave me hers because she said she won't use it so that's a double bonus for me. I love makeup sponge blenders. This one happens to work really well for an egg shaped blender. I give this blender an A+. Get 10% off by using the code IPSY .
I got this lipstick in the shade Tender Heart. Meh about the shade. Not my favorite. I love the brand Pacifica. I am all about their products. They are great quality, cruelty free and vegan. Made with coconut oil, shea butter and Vitamin E. This is very nice quality but I can leave the color. Meh! Get 20% off by using POWEROFLOVE.

This is supposed to be a skin colored wax liner to help create/ enhance your pout.  This was designed to go with any shade of lipstick and enriched with natural oils. Again--- MEH! What about all my fuchsias and matte Barbie pinks that I love so hard. I can't even wear it nude because I have those pinky, pink lips to begin with. It is also encased in hard plastic. Although you can use a regular sharpener on these, I hate them. Ugh. 20% off PLUS free shipping with IPSY20

Like, I don't even want to review this. I am going to do this for the sake of Be A Bombshell BUT Ipsy, you are killing eyeliner for me! This twist up eyeliner comes in the shade Wild Child. This is a water-resistant liner, too. I don't like the blunt tipped liner. I need a crisp, sharp tip to start with. I hate that I have to mold it to start with. How about we just STOP with the liner for a minute Ipsy... is that ok?? UGH Plus sided?? You can get something else besides liner using a 30% off plus you get free shadow using the code IPSY30

I used my points from last month to grab another tube of evologie Stay Clear Cleanser. I love this for the gym. It's the perfect size for my gym bag and it's great at keep my gross face at bay!

Overall?? I kind of dislike this month! The only thing I remotely like is the blender. Other wise... UGH! Dislike just about everything else. I am hoping I get off that Sephora wait-list soon OR Ipsy stops giving me eyeliners every month!! Come on people...



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