Christmas Eve with my Little Glitzy Tree Farm

**May Contain Press Samples**

Merry Christmas Eve to all your fellow Santa followers!!

Every year I do a Christmas Tree mani and this year I decided to do a glitzy design. I think I went a little too glitzy. My trees ended up super plump!! I used all kinds of KBs from the last two years of winter collections. 
I used tape to create the trees and the designs. I like the festive look is super fun and non-traditional. Last year, I went for the usual red and green but I went for all the colors this year. ALL THE COLORS! 
After I put all of these together and did all of the editing and put all of them up there, I realized one thing... I forgot the stars!! I forgot the most important part of the tree!! Meh! Next year, I'll go for the glitz, glam and star! Anyway, for all of you that celebrate... Happy Christmas Eve!! I hope Santa is good to you all!! 
Colors Used:
KB Shimmer-Pining for Yule
KB Shimmer- Fig-Get About It
KB Shimmer- Toying Around
KB Shimmer- Toast-ess with the Mostest
KB Shimmer- Strung Out
KB Shimmer- Fleece Navidad
Zoya- Honor
Zoya- Selene


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