Barielle has MAKEUP!!!!


I always get super excited when brands expand their collections and branch out into other realms of beauty. Barielle has been dipping their toes in the waters for quite some time now since I am been with them BUT this has been the first time that I have seen makeup from them. 

When I got a surprise package in the mail, I knew I wasn't expecting nail polish and when I opened it to see an eye shadow palette; I did a double take. Naturale Essential Eye Shadow palettes are 2 of the new makeup items on their site.
This is the Black palette and it has 6 pans in it. There is also a Beige palette that has 6 alternate colors. 
I looooove these colors. They are the perfect shimmer in the perfect metallic shades for the Fall carrying into the Winter. This is currently on sale on Barielle's website for $14.99 and you can check them out here.
What do you think of this palette? What do you think of Barielle hopping in the makeup game?


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