8pc Professional Nail Art Brush Review

**Product Review**

Today, I have for you a little nail art brush set. I was super excited to review this set because I have been on the hunt for a new set. The set that I currently have was a waaaaay larger set and has gotten pretty beat up over the years.
This set comes with white wooden, painted handles. They have a black flecked design on the handles. They all have a metal ferrels and different shaped bristles. 
Overall, I am happy with the different types of brushes they offered. There is also a small dotting tool included.

I will say that if you are looking for high quality brushes, these are not your items. These would be perfect for clean up and art. They are $5.25 for a variety pack of 8 brushes. Full disclosure: I did have to send my first set back because the handle separated from the ferrel when I took the plastic off the bristle. The replacement process was super easy and I got a new set without problem.
Anyway, if you are interested in this product you can learn more about it here. For a little over $5 this would be worth the buy. The bristles are


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