Fall Wedding Nails

**May Contain Press Samples**

Today, I am just going to show off some quick shots of the nails that I am wearing to my cousin's wedding. I love Fall weddings just because of all of the beautiful colors. I got married in March so I had all of those Winter colors around still. 
My sister got married two weeks ago and I didn't get a chance to show off my mani for that wedding. I was the matron of honor so I was super busy! For this wedding, I actually get to sit back and enjoy. I wanted to go with something Fall-like but also gentle enough for a wedding.
For this, I used a lace stamp to go with my lace dress- I will add a picture later. Anyway, I wanted to do a real lace mani and I swore that I had real lace but I couldn't find it anywhere. I stuck with the stamping and it did the job BUT real lace would have rocked it harder.

Colors Used:
Zoya- Aggie
Sally Hansen- Night Fright


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