The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Funky French

**Bought It**Prize**

I'm doing it folks!! This is Funky French #2! While I am kind of mad at this stamping plate AND my lighting situation, I am still doing the challenge. First, this plate was not letting me pick up the entire image at all. It was driving me nuts. It is such a cute little bow and if it would just work, it would look super cute but oh, well. It is what it is.
Anyway, I love this purple from Cirque. It is one of my favorites and I don't wear it nearly enough. It is gorgeous! It goes perfectly with with any Fall outfit.
This is the only stamping look that I am doing so it will be the only stamping fail I have BUT at least the undies rock, right??

Colors Used:
Rica- WhiteOut
Cirque Colors- Baptisia


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