The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Funky French

**May Contain Press Samples**

This month we have a new theme with the Nail Challenge Collaborative and it is super fun. I hope that I can get all four looks in. Funky French is the theme and it is different french manis!! So much fun!
For this first look, I decided to do a reverse waterfall. Meh... It's a good warm-up. Yes, I enjoy all those colors together but it could be more waterfall-ish.
I lost my good waterfall brush so I am kind of bummed out about it but, I did what I could. I used a bunch of KB colors because I was just in that kind of mood. It's been cold and crummy and a rough transition into fall for me so I have been in a blue mood.
What do you think of this start to Funky French? It's not bad. I can't wait to get the rest of them started!

Colors Used:
KB Shimmer- Breaking Blues
KB Shimmer- Blush Money
KB Shimmer- I'd Rather Be With Blue
KB Shimmer- Sun & Games


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