Sally Hansen Miracle Gel- Halloween Style

**Press Samples**

Today, I have something really awesome for Halloween. Of course, Sally Hansen brought out the spooky in their Miracle Gel line with two really great festive colors. I wanted to combine them for a fun, simple and easy to do design that YOU can rock for this holiday.
The duo that I have is Blacky O, which is a pure black color and Electra-cute which is a perfect orange creme. You can get these for about $9.99 at any super store or even your grocer. They are perfect because all you need is a color and a top coat. Two steps!! Each manicure can last up to 14 days, you don't need any specials lamps and they are just as easy to remove. 
For this design, I put down a base coat of Electra-cute and then used some decals to create the design. I used some wavy lines and some chevron lines to cut out the spaces. I then filled in with the Blacky O.
This is super easy to recreate and even simple enough to wear at work! I will be rocking this until Friday when I will match to my costume!! Wahoo. Don't forget to tune back later this week when you get to see what I'm wearing on my face for Halloween!!
What do you think of these? Are they easy enough you can rock? If you grab them now, you can rock them from now until Halloween!


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