NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquer

**Press Sample**

Today, I have 4 great lip colors from NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer line. They are rich, creamy and very nice colors for the Fall! These are designed for long wear, have a glossy finish and are supposed to still be lightweight. On with the colors.... 

Chelsea Cherry Blossoms

This is the neutral nude out of the group. So, I know everyone loves a good nude. Everyone except for us pale girls. Don't get me wrong, I love this formula. It's not sticky, it applies so smoothly and lasts pretty long for a lacquer BUT it just doesn't look right on me. If I had a little pigment in my skin, it would look perfect!
Tribeca Mocha
 This is MY type of nude! It is a shade darker than my skin tone. It doesn't look like I am missing my lips. I actually love this color for Fall 2015. It's my brownie baby!

Lincoln Square Love Affair
 Hot pink Barbie is what I have here. This is perfect to pair with a nude eye. I love this type of bright color when I am wear a very plain eye. Something to brighten up my face is perfect with this shade.

Turtle Bay Toffee
 This color is a deep brick color. This is actually my favorite out of the four. It is perfect for the colder sweater weather. I cannot wait to rock this more!

 Overall, I love these colors and the formula. They all applied really nicely and stayed just as nicely. I love the browns in this collection and how warm they are. For only $3.99 these are definitely worth your money! You can find NYC New York Color in just about any Drug Store, Target, or Grocer. Enjoy!!


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