Mani Bombs from Lolita Lacquers

**Bought It**

So, this is the last part of my MEGA bomb haul. I saw this brand on of of my fellow nail lovers Instagram and I just had to check it out. You know if a nail lover that doesn't blog backs a brand, it must be a brand to at least try. I placed an order for some things for myself and some things for some ladies at work. Lolita Lacquers has polish, stamping plates and mani bombs on her site.
 What I bought are specifically made just for your fingers so they are a little smaller than they other ones that I ordered. They are called mani bombs for that reason. So, this shop has a lot of super cute bombs but I just bought some basic ones to start off with based on the smells that I would like.
Overall, I love this brand. The smells are fantastic and they really are packed with lots of moisturizing products that make your hands feel fantastic when you are done. Some ingredients include shea butter, grape seed oil, safflower oil, and vitamin E oil. Each of these little baggies I bought for $1.50 and you can find your own here.


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