It's Halloween... This is What I am Wearing!

**Press Samples**

So... today is Halloween and this is what I am rocking. Thanks to the wonderful people over at NYC New York Color, I have a really fun and colorful design on my face. I didn't create an actual character this year, I just went for fun. 
Colors Used:
NYC New York Color- New York At Night
 NYC New York Color- East River Romance
NYC New York Color- Rockefeller Center Snowflakes
NYC New York Color- Wall Street Bronze
I'm not sure exactly what this character is but I kind of like it. I used a really, really light foundation and then just went to town. I whited out my eyes, outlined the white in electric blue and then added some spikes. 
I also then outlined my lips in black and then did an inner color with the electric blue. Again, even though I'm not really someone or something, I am in love. I do wish I would have use a better primer so my pores aren't so porous but I'm learning for next time!
To match up with my dark makeup, I just did a plain manicure. I wanted sometime simple so not to detract from my makeup.
NYC New York Color- Black Lace Creme
All of these colors together ended up really nicely. They aren't really that bold and have a creamy finish to them. What do you think of this Halloween look? Is is something you would wear?


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