Fall Foliage Nails with Barielle

**May Contain Press Samples**

Today, I am doing a super fun post to prepare for the upcoming change in the colors of leaves. OR should I say the upcoming back breaking raking sessions I am about to partake in. I have a bunch of trees around my house so it's rake, rake, rake all fall long. I guess it's ok because it's good exercise but still. Ugh I can feel my poor back now! 
So, for this design, I did a little stamp design with a leaf plate. I used the colors of the leaves right before they fall to the ground. That gorgeous, bright, vibrant greens, oranges and yellows. 
I decided to matte it out to cool it down a bit. Just like the weather is in the fall. It's my little palette cleanser right before we switch over to the full fall swing.
I also just used a simple single leaf stamp because the fall foliage is so complex and full of color. These simple colors just don't do the true beauty justice. I love enjoying those colors for the few weeks they are out.
Colors Used:
Barielle- Fire Me Up
Barielle- Irish Eyes
Barielle- Lemondrops
Barielle- Sheer Nonsense
What do you think about this fall design? Are you ready for all the fall leaves? Do you have a lot of raking to do or are you leaf free?


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