Butter LONDON Eye ShadowClutch SOOOOO Good for the Soul!

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I have one of the hottest things out there this fall to share with you and I am super excited!! butter LONDON has been doing nail polish for quite some time for for the last couple of months they have really been amping up their makeup line. I am so super impressed with the quality of their products that I use them on a daily basis. Their mascara is actually my all time favorite with the bulbous wand shape.
NOW... on to the next greatest thing!! This little ShawdowClutch holds all of your pans from butter LONDON. The ShawdowClutch I am showing you comes pre-packed with 6 shadows. Now, these aren't just any shadows. These are primer-infused, oil absorbing, skin-balancing shadows that are in the hottest shades out there. Yes, I said primer-infused. Nah, nah, na-na-nah... I get to skip another step in the morning. 
I got the ShadowClutch that I got is in the color Natural Charm. The colors that actually come in the clutch are (top row L-R) Linen, Quartz, Camo (bottom row L-R) Camel, Citrine, and Leather. The ShadowClutch packs are only $39. Pretty good deal for 6 shadows. Grab one here.
 I used all of the colors in the ShadowClutch to create this look and I just love them all! They are the perfect combination for the fall. Anyway you use them makes it look perfect.
butter LONDON also sells these awesomely cute Wardrobe Duos that you can swap out of your ShawdowClutch separately. They are super cute in their tiny little boxes. There are currently 4 combos available. I have 2 to show you BUT first, here is the swatch fest... I have (top to bottom starting on the left) Linen, Plume, Feather, Sapphire, Sequins and then on the right column, Leather, Citrine, Camel, Camo, and Quartz.

Fancy Flutter
 This duo is like a duochrome polish for your eyes. lol. There is a beige to put down on your lids and then a chameleon brick leans green for your crease.
This is such a fun and unexpected combo. I love how bL took a leap with these little duo packs!

Moody Blues
 This is an interesting combo, too.
 The Sequins shade is a light minty green paired with Sapphire which is a deep navy blue. This is perfect!

Overall, I am super impressed with this palette. The versatility, the colors, the quality and just the overall coolness gives it a 10 in my book! My favorite part about this is that I can throw it in my gym bag and use it without having to pack a primer or a brush. It's literally an all-in-one AND at the great price of only $39 it's a must for any beauty lover... TRUST ME! I am really thinking about picking up the sister clutch. I am absolutely getting some of the other duos just because the quality of the shadows is top notch.
You can grab your own here and check out all of the other goodies below!!
Shop butter LONDON
What do you think of this new product? Do you see yourself wearing these colors? What about the idea of sliding in and our your favorite colors to take with you?


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