Bath Bombs, Mani Bombs, and MORE from The Bath Candy Shop

**Bought It**

Yes.... I know your first thought was ahhhh I need a big tub of hot water- STAT! I went on a bomb buying spree. I stumbled upon The Bath Candy Shop and I went CRAZZZZY!
I literally could not stop buying and I probably won't because I had such a great experience. Let me tell you.... I ordered 10 regular bath bombs (about the size of a thick hockey puck), 1 BOGO swirly bomb, 2 heart shaped cold and flu bombs, and a little cake bomb. Yes.... DAMAGE!
I am in love with every single scent that I got. The quality is amazing. The fizz factor is out of this world! I must also comment on this seller. She was amazing. She let me know immediately that she was out of a scent that I wanted and replaced it with a scent I let her pick. It was amazing! Her packaging is super cute and shipping was super quick.
I would totally buy from The Bath Candy Shop again. You can stop in her shop to see what she has, here. There are always new things in there and they are always super cute!
What do you think of this selection? Have you heard of this shop? Do you love your bath products as much as I do?


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