September Ipsy Bag Review

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This month was the first month from Ipsy that was a little not so excite about my bag. Like not at all. Is it bad that I am most excited about a lotion than any other beauty product I got? I think so. Anyways, sit tight and I'll tell you why below.

I got this in the color Ignite. I am super disappointed with this product. The sample they gave us was so super small that it was annoying to apply. I mean this is a Sephora product and it's not too expensive so they could have opted to give us a full size of this one. The color is jelly ox blood and it's super sexy for the Fall and Winter but yuck to the application. I will probably never wear it again because it was such a pain to apply. This is a lot coming from the person with super tiny baby hands to begin with. So beware! 

I always love getting brushes. I mean who doesn't?? I am pretty sure I have a brush collecting problem and I'm totally ok with it! I love Crown Brushes. I have several already and they are great quality. I am super happy to add to my Crown Brush collection. The bristles are super soft and I actually love my oval shaped brushes for working around the lip area to cover up any boo-boos I may have made when applying that bright colored lippy. Great bag pick #1

This stuff smells amazzzzzing! I hate to blow this party early but this is great bag pick #2 and there are only 2 picks this month. Yup. A brush and lotion. Sorry about it guys. The lotion I got is called The Phoenix. The scent is of persimmon and plum and it is awesome. This little baby is going right in my purse in preparation for those dry months to come.  You can actually buy this at and use IPSY20 for 20% off AND a free gift!!! I actually used the coupon and bought a variety pack of lotions! I cannot wait!!

The color that I got was Nantucket Nude. So I kind of grumble at this because it wasn't more than 2 months ago that I got the same exact product (a different color, I'll Ipsy that much) in a different bag. Like, what the what? I got this type of sub service to try out different brands. Not the same brand with the SAME product. Now, don't get me wrong, I really love this brand and this product. I am super excited to now have 2 different shades. The great thing about this type of fatty crayon is that it is super interchangeable. You can use it on your eyes, lips, cheeks, as a highlighter or wherever you want a little color. So.... I'm not that mad but let's get those brands rotating peeps!! If you're really in love with tre'StiQue, you can pick them up with a 20% plus free shipping with IPSYINSIDER20.

I am super excited that I get an NYX product...FINALLY!! I love the quality of my NYXers, of course BUT I am sooo over all the browns. Come on Ipsy- Let's get with some different fall colors here. I love the bronze but I am over the champagne colors. Love bronze everywhere this fall. Thank you NYX for bringing it to me. So.... I guess this would be back pick #2.5?? Ok, I'll give you bag pick #2.5. Anyway, this with you get 50% off NYXBASESCVRD. YES!! Use that!

I also bought this Doll 10 creme blush with my bonus points. It is in the shade flirt. It is super creamy and a rosy pink color. While this is a new-to-me brand, I am super excited about using it on my face! I love creamy blushes because I can duo them for a lippy in a pinch.

Anyway, overall you know how I feel about this bag. Meh--- Let's step this up next month Ipsy. If you are wanting to join in and see what we get next month, click the link here and sign up!


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