Moving Outside MY Comfort Zone
So, I am the kind of person that always stresses about if I can do something new or if I will just fall flat and fail. I am a constant worrier. ALWAYS! Even with showing you new things, I worry that everyone will hate it and I will be the laughing-stock. When I took the leap from nail polish only to makeup, I was scared to death. Now, I am branching into a little lifestyle it is super scary! The thing about always being scared is that sometimes it stops me from doing things I should be doing. I have such a great support group of women around me that encourage me everyday to keep going and what I am doing is good and right.
Much like worrying about Stress Urinary Incontinence, my worry can be helped. Poise Impressa is designed is helped to prevent leaks from SUI and to give you the encouragement to do things you wouldn't otherwise. The best part is they have a starter sizing kit so you can see what fit is right for you.
Poise Impressa Sizing Kit comes with three different sizes and six bladder supports (2 of each size). Below, I have a link you can click on to get a $2 off coupon for your own Poise Impressa Sizing Kit. You also get a $4 coupon towards the box for the size that fits you the best in the actual physical kit. Once you get your perfect fit, you can wear each support for up to 8 hours and gain your confidence back!
You can start to do the things that you stress about doing or feared about doing before because of SUI. This is the first over the counter solution for this issue and Poise is super excited about it. So, take the plunge, a deep breathe and try them out!
Don't forget to pick up your coupon here


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