Luminess Air Brush Makeup System: Does it Measure Up?

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So I know you all have seen the infomercials for this as I have and wondered if this really works and if it is worth the money. Well, I actually got to try this out. Something that I am super excited about because you rarely get to try these products out before you buy them and find out that you wasted your money.  This system promises to give you full coverage foundation in less the time with less the product. Well... lets see how it did.
The Facts
First, a little bit about the product:
The basic kit comes with the following:
  • The Luminess Airbrush System
  • Your four (4) Airbrush Foundations
    1. Your skin tone Airbrush Blush
    2. The radiant Luminess Bronzer
    3. Skin Brightening Airbrush Glow
    4. Moisturizing Airbrush Primer
  • Learning to Airbrush DVD
  • Unlimited Airbrush Artist Support
  • 1 Year Warranty
Before and After the Luminess Airbrush System (no other makeup- don't
The Luminess Airbrush System itself is like any basic airbrush pen. You fill the reservoir with about 4-5 drops of product, pull the trigger back a quarter of the way (for regular application) and then spray in circular motions around the face. This is meant to be an everyday system and even comes with a cleaning bottle that is used to flush out the system for easy cleaning. The ingredients list state that the products are completely oil-free, water based, mineral based, fragrance free, talc free, features vitamin E antioxidants, oil PCA (oil-free) based humectants to help leave the skin naturally moist.

What I Thought:
When I first used this system, I read all of the literature, watched the DVD and made sure to check out an FAQs on the website ( I wanted to make sure I had all the knowledge upstairs before I started. I have never used an airbrush on myself before so I wanted it to be perfect. Well, despite what the tutorials said, I tried it on a night that I was going out for one of  my friends birthdays. I failed about 4 times. While I was determined to make it work for that night, it didn't look so nice. It took me a good 3 days before I got the hand movements, trigger speed and product amount perfect. Practice makes perfect and for the Luminess Airbrush System, that is on point. Now that I have the hang of it, I use it every day and it has significantly cut down on my makeup time in the morning. They even have an entire airbrush makeup line that I am definitely thinking about purchasing. I have to get some lighter shades for the winter since my summer tan is about to go bye-bye, I might as well throw in some other makeup items to see how they work out. Stay tuned to see my review on those in the near future!
What They Say vs. What I Found:
  • Easy to use and made for every day- Yes! This is super easy to use. I do, however, recommend watching the tutorials on the DVD and on their website,, because there are some super awesome tips there, BUT once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze! I do use this every day and I don't know how/if I will ever go back to regular make up application. It literally takes me a total time of 5 minutes from application to cleaning to apply my primer, foundation, blush, highlighter and then to clean it. FANTASTIC!! 
  •  Lasts for more than 10 hours- I can't speak to this one, yet! The longest I have worn this was 8 hours and when I went to wash my face, I was actually washing off a full face of makeup. I was amazed! I usually tap out around 5-6 hours due to gym time or end of work day but I do look forward to testing this time limit out.  
  •  Oil & fragrance free, mineral water-based formula- The products do not have any smells, do not feel greasy when applied and feel super light when I am wearing them. Yes! This is a yes!! 
  •  Very hygienic, with no need for hand or brush blending- I love this! A) It is less brush cleaning for me. This is always a plus. Brush cleaning is a chore I never liked to do but this is also a cleaner way to apply makeup. You don't have anything touching your face except the makeup itself. 
  •  Minimizes the appearance of pores, wrinkles and fine lines for a youthful look- Well, if you missed my before and after picture above then I will let you know here the answer is YES. I have all of the above and it does help do this. The fine mist of the makeup coming through the airbrush pen allows is to gently rest on your face. When you use a brush or sponge to apply your makeup it sometimes exaggerates those areas. This lightly covers them. There are in depth tutorial tips on how to cover dark circles, wrinkles and acne on the DVD and website.
  •  Blends evenly, reduces amount of makeup used, & works on all skin types and colors- As long as you practice with the pen, you are able to apply evenly. I must say I didn't get it on the first try. It takes practice. It does apply evenly and it blends super easily. It does use a tiny amount of make up, too. It doesn't feel super heavy when I'm wearing it either. 
  •  Perfect for reducing appearance of blemishes, age spots, & redness- As I mentioned above (and you can see in my before and after pics), there are super easy tutorials on how to cover these babies up. It's a little bit of a longer process but it's well worth it. 
Me with the first night of use and after about 3 hours of partying!
So, that's about all I have on this product and I say it's well worth the money. It comes with a pretty super warranty, too. I am absolutely going to purchase more products from this line as I am a longer time user now! Have you seen this product? What do you think?


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