I Have the Zoya 2015 Fall Focus and I Want to Show YOU!

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Today, I have for you the 2015 Focus Collection from Zoya. It is one part of their two part Fall 2015 collection. This is the creme end of it and boy these colors are gorgeous! The brights mixed in with the relaxed usual fall tones just makes this the perfect Fall Collection.Can you tell that I am in love?

This is my hot chocolate brown for the fall. It has a dusty tint to it to cool it down a little, too. I love this color! Like deep love for this!  What a great color!!

This is a rich, royal purple with a deep, rick outcome. What a perfect cool purple color for the cool weather to come. 
This would wear perfect with my pale skin to come. I can't wait to pull this back out in a couple months and rock it through out the fall months. 

This is the classic sexy red. This is a perfect bright to match all of those darker fall tones.
I love that Zoya added this one into the mix to counter balance everything. I always love a true red and this is one of those za-za-zing reds!

 Ahhh the army green. This is an olive/army green that reminds me of the color my grass turns right before the winter hits.
I love this color for fall. I am so not a green person, but this is the perfect shade to not make my skin look so yellow. 

This is another one of those brights that Zoya through in and I love it! I was kind of worried that this would be a stainer but to my surprise, it was not. 
 You may want to double up on the base coat if you are the one always getting hit by stainers but being one of those people, this one did not touch me. This is a sweet and creamy royal blue and it would be a great match with Desiree.

 I was kind of confused when I saw two red tones in the same collection, at first glance, but this one has a sort of cranberry feel to it.
It is a deeper red than Hannah and is definitely a couple shades darker. It almost leans a little raspberry to me. 

Overall, I LOVE this collection. Zoya has been nailing the color schemes lately and this one is no different. I used two coats with every color except Lidia was a little more sheer then the rest of them. I had to do three with some nails where I went a little lighter on. Overall, the application was awesome and the wear is great. I didn't have any problems with staining but I always double up with base coat on the brighter, more pigmented colors, just in case. 
If you love these, too you can check them out and buy a few below. Don't forget RIGHT NOW Zoya is having their big trade in sale so grab a few of these while trading in your **ahem** not so great polishes. Also, stay tuned for the Flair Collection posting up next week here on, Color Me So Crazy.


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