Collagen-Fibre Eye Pads from Reviva Labs for a Quick Pick-Me-Up

**Press Sample**
When I found out about Collagen- Fibre Eye Pads, I was super excited and jumped on the chance to use it. These last couple of weeks, my eyes have been so tired. Between work, my kids activities, blogging deadlines and other crazy unaccounted for things (basement flooding, car breaking, sickness, etc), my weeks have been exhausting to say the least. I thought this product would be the best fix for my poor eyes. 
What Reviva says:
  • The pads decrease eye wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, and puffiness
  • Immediately visible results and long- term cumulative benefits
  • 100% Collagen Fibre moisturizes, plumps-up surface tissue, Myoxinol (hibiscus flower extract) relaxes tissue to enhance anti-wrinkle action
  • Safe BOTOX-like relaxing effect without injections
  • Ideal for special occasions when a quick improvement is needed
What I say:
I love these types of quickie products that I can use before a big night out. Facelift or Botox in a box is what they are referred to as and I just love them. Reviva makes them safe and with natural products so I feel comfortable putting them close to my eyes. Not only to be used before a big night out, they can be used after a big night out for a little eye pick me up. As you can see in the pictures, when they dry, they do tighten. They kind of pulled my lower lids down BUT they aren't so tight so that when you pull them off they feel like your lids are being pulled off. They actually come off really gently.
Looks like a mug shot- I know!
Overall, I really like these pads. In a pinch they are super easy to throw on while you are doing your hair (which I obviously did not do in these pictures- in my defense I just got done with a deep condition) and then will be ready in time to do your makeup.
I love how easy they are and how nice they are to use. Water and a strip is all you need. If you would like to try them out, you can grab a box here for only $21.00 for just the pads or the kit with Energizing Gel here for $38.00. As a PS... I have the Energizing Gel and I love it! I use it under my creams during the day just to pick up my skin. It's great for under your eyes and just all over your skin.


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