Barielle Hot Chic 2015 Fall/Winter Collection

**Press Samples**

Below I have a really chic and sexy fall/winter collection from Barielle. These colors are inspired by sophistication and elegance. They were all designed to be worn with any outfit and allows us to get creative as possible with our designs. As always Barielle polish is free of formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and dibutylphalate. 

Sheer Nonsense
This is a creamy eggshell nude color. Love this application on this!
This is two coats but you could probably do only 1. I will be rocking this all season long and I already have ideas to use this for some skeletons during Halloween!
I also love this with the deep brown of Harley D.

Orange U Jealous
This is a gorgeous, gorgeous shimmery burnt orange color that is on my wear list all season, too!
I love the shade of this as it leans a little bit towards the coral side. It is super fun and super flirty, too. I am wearing two coats to cover any patches that come through.
I decided to pair it with Sheer Nonsense becuase a straight creme with some shimmer is just breaking all the rules and that is what this fall is about!

Secret Desire

I am such a purple lover and this iridescent, shimmery purple is super-hot. I am loving all of the different finishes for this collection because they are super fun to mix and match.

This is a little sheer so three coats do a great job of covering anything that is bare. The iridescent lean is a little tricky to catch indoors with this color and (of course) my weather is super crappy so an outdoor picture is out of the question.

I tried to mix this with the burnt orange shimmer because usually the clash of these two colors looks fantastic together but...whomp whomp. I do love these colors separately but not together!

Born 2 B Naughty

I love this color! I have been waiting for a deep turquoise color to come out in a fall collection. This color is described as a hunter green mixed with blue undertones. I say take the turquoise and pull it down a couple shades and call it Naughty!!

This is the perfect Fall color and I am in love with everything about it. It is a super rich creme and is basically a one coater but I used two becuase that's just how I roll.
I didn't have any staining issues with this polish with cuticles while wearing or during the removal process.

Harley D
This is the final color of the collection and it's just BAD-ASS! I am just loving all over this deep iridescent silky chocolate color.
I love how deep it looks and it is super hard to get a brown not look just plain flat. This is one of my favorites from this collection and I will be rocking the heck out of this. Actually, I think I will be rocking this entire collection becuase it is just super awesome but I love this!

I paired it, again, with Sheer Nonsense because it is just a great pair for every color here. I think the different finishes make for such unique art matches this season and I am super excited about it!

Overall, this is a badass collection. I said that Barielle describes these as elegant and chic but the names say otherwise. Badass and sexy is what it should be called. I love these colors. So deep and vampy- my favorite kind. Of course, there is an inclusion of my all time season color this year- the copper. You can buy these all from from $8 each as well as check out any other colors you may see from previous collections.

Tell me which is your favorite!?!? Can you pick just one? 


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