Allure and Butter London Team Up to Make GORGEOUS!!

**Press Samples** 

I am so super excited about this collection from Allure and Butter London. They have joined together to create a FANTASTIC, and I mean fantastic collection. I have gotten so many compliments and "what are you wearing on your nails" from these polishes. These are seriously on the hot list for this season. This is a collection of "vibrant, trendsetting shades that highlight and accessorize your individual style". Yes, indeed they do. 

I'm On The List
So, this is my favorite of the collection. The metallic rose gold is just so regal and classy. Like all Butter London polishes, it applied beautifully. I used two coats just because it's my thing to do but it you could get away with one if you do it carefully.
Like all metallic polishes, you have to be strategic in your brushing. I should say, with all polishes you should be strategic with your brushing but especially with metallics because they tend to show brush marks.

Statement Piece
This is a bright reddish/orange color that is creamy and rich. This applied very nicely and can be a one coater for sure. I love this color and I will be rocking it pretty much as much as possible. I actually have it on my toes right now.
This is perfect to pair with a classic black outfit or perfect to wear to work. Either way, this is just a great color.

Nude Stilettos
This is the sheer nude of the bunch and it leans a little on the pink side. This is such a classy color and is perfect if you are not looking for something too bold or bright.
I often wear these types of polishes when I need a palette cleanser but this season, I will be rocking them under a lot of reddish/orange colors for the modern twang. I used about three thin coats in these pictures.

It's Vintage
Yes!! Another orange themed color. This one has a little brown in it and leans a little rusty. I just love this color. It is so perfect for fall and so perfect for just about any work setting.
I am actually rocking a chevron look with this and Nude Stilettos together and it looks AWE-some! I love all of these colors together so hard! This is a nice heavy creme so you can get away with 1 coat for this baby.

Lust or Must?
This is a super dark brown creme color. This is THE perfect fall color and I just love how it complements the rest of the colors in the collection. I often worry about these really dark colors but this is perfect sweater wearing polish.
This also has a beautiful application and glides on smoothly for 1 nice coat. I actually used two coats for this because it's my thing but you can definitely get away with just one.

Disco Nap
Ok...when I put this one on I actually squeed out loud! This is such an awesome color. This is the glitter out of the bunch and boy does it do that. It is a glitzy dark grey glitter and it is gorgeous.
This is the perfect "going out" polish. Whether you wear it alone or as an accent for Statement Piece, I'm On The List or Nude Stilettos, it's a perfect match for any outfit.

Overall, I am super impressed with this collection. I think it's perfect that these two mega minds came together to create this ultimate force in style. These colors are truly unique and just gorgeous. I love them so hard and really can't get enough. Stay tuned for my pic on Instagram @colormesocrazy and you can check out the #bLxAllure to check our more brilliance.


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